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With over 30 years of combined experience in the borehole, irrigation, and landscaping industries, AquaBlue SA stands as a trusted borehole company in Cape Town and surrounding areas. Our expert borehole water drillers have achieved a remarkable success rate in locating water sources. We prioritise the sustainable utilisation of private borehole water and strictly adhere to the guidelines and practices set by the Borehole Water Association (BWA) and South African National Standards (SANS). As proud registered members of the BWA (certification displayed in the footer), we provide reliable and compliant borehole drilling services.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond adherence to industry standards. We take pride in our core values of honesty, transparency, and authenticity. Our goal is to offer you the finest borehole installation, maximising yield while ensuring cost efficiency. With extensive experience collaborating with large teams on expansive sites, our dedicated professionals pay meticulous attention to detail. You can rely on our team to execute their duties with unwavering integrity, professionalism, and efficiency. Trust us to deliver a borehole solution that aligns with your specific needs and supports environmental sustainability. Together, we can achieve water conservation and efficiency for a sustainable future.

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Where we find ourselves

Whether you are ready to purchase a borehole or have just started considering the option of a borehole, we can all agree why it's on our radar. Domestic water use constitues a major part of urban water demand and has, across the globe, gained more importance in terms of the sustainability of urban water supply. 

The effects of our recent severe drought has motivated the people of South Africa (especially Cape Town) to be better prepared and more knowledgeable as we move into a drier and hotter climate as predicted for South Africa.

Things we have learnt

Homeowners have implemented behavioural changes such as water use reduction strategies as taught via educational campaigns and shared on social media. Citizens have also invested in water saving fixtures e.g. eco shower heads and technological implementations such as metered households and water use monitors etc.


These adaptations have influenced individual water use decisions, and changes in user practices and daily habits alone have shown that total water consumption levels can be significantly influenced.

Continuing uncertaintity

The available water supply, in urban areas especially, is facing drastic declines in quantity and quality and coupled with fears over the costs associated with maintaining our failing infrastructure is cause for concern.

Whilst the water services industry is re-engineering itself to better understand supply and demand in this changing environment, it could be some time until we have well designed and developed urban water conservation strategies and policies in place.

What does this mean for the consumer?

At the consumer level these issues are very real and, in Cape Town, as we celebrate the glorious recent rains, the takeaway is that this is now the new norm, celebrating the rain, any and all rain. 


With this information at hand, one must consider carefully how investing in a borehole versus not doing so will impact you and your families life as we move into the future.

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By owning a borehole.

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water storage


Store and collect your own water 


Email us with your tank / storage requirements and we will prepare your quote.

filtered water


Filter / purify your borehole / rainwater for household and drinking 


For water testing, advice and best filtration for your budget... 
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What can you do as a water user?
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